The Catch

By now I know what you’re thinking. “But Mr. Scheidegger, this place is so beautiful and you’re offering so much for only $650/mo.  There must be a catch!”  And you would be right.

We are looking for a quiet low-key person or couple who would not only benefit from living in a safe, quiet, neighborhood, but would in turn become part of it.  That is to say, be the safe, quit people who live here.

We tolerate no furry pets, no drugs, marijuana in any form, or nicotine in any form.  And while we can’t specify what you do off the property, you will soon tire of the hike up the hill just to take a smoke break.  I say this not just to dissuade smokers, but to reassure others just how safe this property is.  On Halloween we actually have to put up signs showing trick-or-treaters where to find us, and we have heard many comments to the effect of “I didn’t even know there were houses down here.”

Unlike some other in-home boarding situations, we do allow overnight guests, up until the point that guest becomes a resident, meaning no more than 7 nights in any calendar month.  Even that is OK, as long as s/he passes the normal background check and the additional rent is paid (see Rent).  Finally, our insurance mandates that there can be no more that two renters.

Disclaimer: Prices and conditions quoted are for information purposes, and do not constitute a contract or commitment.